siete años de amor

¡Hola amigos!

So, we've been out in the Guatemalan jungle for the past two weeks (still here now - writing from a tiny internet cafe) and although the idea of posting real-time blogs from the trip seemed exciting, I guess it fell distant second to actually being present and living every moment.  

Speaking of spending each splendid day in appreciation of what it is ... today is our SEVEN year anniversary!! Not our 7-7-07 tying of the knot, but the day our relationship began ... an even more special and serendipitous day in our minds ; )

(the San Pedro volcano .. one of a few on this beautiful lake ; )

We have some nice pics to share once we're back in the states and bundled up in our little snow castle, but for now ... we're off to the nature reserve on the edge of this jungle village to sun our hides on a dock they call the "trampolin" (pictured below) ... and yes, they intend for you to jump off it ... but not so much from the top of the railing - whoops ; )

adios, amor, amor,




  1. Gorgeous and exillerating!!!! Ahhhh jealous ;) miss and love you, have fun sissy!!!
    <3 Mishi

  2. Bravo for making the hike to take that gorgeous wide angle of the jump. You know I'd love that shot ;). No one ever thinks to take a wide of their subjects on vacation like that and it's such a perfect shot!

  3. Lovely. Happy Anni ans have a great trip.