valentines day candle giveaway

alOha Lovers of life 

Today we're doing a giveaway 

But you'll have to travel a bit to enter 

Jump on over to our dear friend's em & tim's blog @ Today's Letters 
and just comment for a chance to win : ) 

love, love,



  1. I came from Tim & Em's blog to you guys, simply for the giveaway-but guess what happened? I spend 2 hours reading through your blog posts. Was captivated. Love the pictures and reading about the amazing life you live. I have already learned so much from Em and have even made changes in my life to live simpler- your blog encouraged this even more. So even if I don't win the candles...I won by finding a new blog to read!

  2. Well heather : ) We're happy to have you !! Thanks so much for the comment .. can't wait to sit down and write a little about our Guatemala trip.

    thanks for the added inspiration ; )