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Ladies and Gentlemen - Birds and Bees ; ) 

  Here, for your viewing pleasure - is our entire candle line !! Many people come to our blog and wonder why there's nothing official on our craft ... so here you have it ; ) 

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xSM - $7 

Retail - $7

Size xSm – 1/2 T x 1 1/4 W

   The bottle reads: “EW HOYT & CO.” “LOWELL, MASS, USA.” It's a teeny tiny one - burns for about 4 or 5 hours, best burned for short periods : ) 

SM- $10 

Retail - $10  

Size Sm - 1/2 T x 2 W

circa - 1890

   This little jar is over a hundred years old, dating back to the late 1800's. It was such a rare find to have the original screw cap lid intact ; ) This little beauty burns for an astonishing 20+ hours. The words "INGRAMS MILK WEED CREAM" are embossed all the way around the rim. When lit, the text comes aglow with the flicker of candlelight through its sweet-smelling transparent walls.

SM - $10

Retail - $ 10 

Size Sm - 1/4 T x 1 3/4 W

circa - 1900

   This bottle comes from the inventor of Vaseline himself, “Chesebrough”. 1837 – 1933. He lived to the wise old age of 96, and believed that his secret to longevity was that he ate a spoonful of Vaseline every morning … This is another great votive-size candle with a rusty little cap. The eroded patterns in the cap come out wonderfully in the beeswax casting.

.. and the Milk Weed makes a great partner to the Vaseline ; )

SM - $10 (each)

Retail - $ 10  (sold separately)

"Diamond"  Size Sm - 2 T x 2 W
"Swirl" Size Sm - 5/8 T x 2 1/8 W
 "Bell" Size Sm - 2 T x 2 W 

circa - late 1800's

Bottle Reads: "DIAMOND" "1 1/2 OZ" "INK CO." 

   These are our newest inkwells. Most times inkwells don't have text, and to actually have the word "ink" is very charming !! LOve the multi-teared neck, and boxy frame on the Diamond, and the Swirl burns so beautifully ; )  

SM - $10

Retail - $ 10

Size Sm - 1/4 T x 1 3/8 W

circa - early 1900's


   This is the first bottle we’ve found that actually has the word “APOTHECARIES” written on it. From its fancy screw top to its full front panel of text, this little baby makes a statement.

SM - $10

Retail - $ 10

Size Sm - 4 T x 1 1/8 W

circa - early 1900's

Bottle Image: Dainty leaves, citrus blossom and scattered limes.  

   We were lucky enough to find three sizes of this bottle hiding away in Canada. This is the smallest – the mini – but we also have Md, and XL. They look great together in a set, and burn beautifully. This bottle used to contain Lime Juice which sailors were rationed out daily by law to prevent scurvy. We like to imagine that there’s thousands of these beautiful bottles at the bottom of the sea …

SM - $10

Retail - $10

Size Sm - 5 5/8 T x 1 3/8 W 

circa - 1890

Great Western Style Text Reads:
                    FLORIDA WATER
                    MURRAY & LANDMAN

   This has the unmistakable look of a very old bottle. As one of our smaller candles, this little guy has style and the shape for a perfect burn. We also have this bottle in a much larger size. 

Md. $15

Retail - $ 15

Size Md – 4 3/8 T x 1 3/8 W

circa - 1890

   We used to have another root beer bottle but discontinued it as soon as we found this one. Starting with its unique wedge-neck, sloped shoulders and two-point edges, this bottle has Americana written all over it. Back in the time of soda water and extract, this bottle was able to mix up 5 gallons of old time root beer. 

Md. $15

Retail - $15 

Size Md - 4 3/4 T x 1 3/8 W 
   Like a zipper running down the front of this sleek French bottle, split measurements descend from head to toe. On one side, small embossed numbers roll out from “1 to 15” next to the Text – “CUILLEREES A CAFÉ” and on the other side, “15 – 75”  stand out beside the French spelling “GRAMMES”. Sweet little bottle with a perfect burn ; )

Md. $20 

Retail - $20

Size - 4 5/8 T x 1 5/8 W   

   This candle is an architectural delight with it's sloped shoulders and cut edges. It's an elegant piece to view ablaze or just as a wax sculpture. The long flat key stands in relief boldly from the bottle, and this square shape makes it one of our best burning candles.  

-- Md. POISON -- 
Md. $20

Retail - $20 

Size Md. - 2 3/8 W 4 5/8 T

circa - 1900

   This bottle o' poison was buried underground for over 100 years. The ribs on the front and sides of this bottle served as a warning for anyone who may have mistakenly grabbed it in a dark cabinet. Having an oblong shape, this little bottle burns in the most interesting way - leaving behind the tall, ribbed shoulders and hollowing out through the center in a fishbone pattern. 

   ** Being an odd shaped bottle - it's best to burn this one for no more than one hour at a time and keep the wick short - 1/4 inch - to prevent too much dripping ; ) 


SM. Peanut Butter Jar.

PRICE =  $ 17  

"Jumbo Peanut Butter 3 1/2 oz. "

     "Packed by
   Frank Tea & Spice Co.
   Cincinnati Ohio"

   Size - 3" Tall X 1 7/8" Wide 


MD. Peanut Butter Jar.
PRICE =  $ 20  
  Size - 4" Tall X 1 3/4" Wide


    5oz. "

    "Made from No. 1 Spanish and No. 1 Virgina Peanuts. Salt Added."

    "Frank Tea & Spice Co. Cincinnati Ohio"


-- SNAKE OIL -- 
Md. $20 

Retail - $20 
Size Md. 9 tall X 1 1/4 W 

   This is the real thing - an old snake oil bottle from Clark Stanley himself! Long and snake-like itself, this bottle makes a great tapper ; ) Since it's square and narrow though - it's best to only burn this one for 45 min to an hour at a time to keep the drips down ; ) 

-- Md L. ROSE --
Md. $24

Retail - $ 24

Size Md – 7 1/8 T x 1 1/8 W 

circa - 1890

   This bottle used to contain Lime Juice which sailors were rationed out daily by law to prevent scurvy. I imagine there are thousands of these beautiful bottles at the bottom of the sea … The heavily embossed flowers and limes look amazing as the bottle burns down, and the features start to glow. 

Md. $25

Retail - $25

Size Md – 5 1/8 T x 2 1/4 W 

circa - 1940

   We’ve had pints and quarts in our line before, but we’ve been holding out for the right ½ pints. This stout bottle comes with a long burn and lots of charm. The two round crests on this bottle are iconic of its time period.


And above in a smaller seal, “MASS. SEAL”.

--  DAIRY ½ PINT --
Md. $ 25

Retail - $ 25

Size Md - 1/8 T x 2 1/4 W

circa - 1940

   Another great ½ pint ; ) Equal in shape and size as the Greenfield Dairy (above)  but with a little more simplistic image. With embossed pinstripes running down from the neck, and plenty of text on the backside, this is a great looking little milk bottle. 


The milk men ; ) 

Md. $27

Retail - $27

Size - 3 3/8 T x 2 3/4 W

circa - 1930

   This is a beautiful stout pillar molded from an old canning jar. The screw top lid has lots of character and is iconic of this style of depression-era masons. This candle is an amazing burn, and if burned correctly, will hollow out and leave behind the shell of the jar, which can be used as a 100% organic herb planter pot!

Md. $27

Retail - $27

Size - 3 T x 3 1/2 W

circa - 1920's

   Our little Atlas Mason has long since been a best seller of ours, we've scoured for other 1/2 pint Masons and finally found this little beauty !! The text is flowing, and the features of the cap are pronounced and iconic. This candle burns so effortlessly with no drips and leaves behind a fun little container which can bee used as a tea light holder or small pot for herbs or planted flowers !!  

Bottle reads: "DREY" "PERFECT MASON"


New York Mustard. 
PRICE =  $ 25 

  Size - 4 3/8" Tall X 2 1/2" Wide

   Charles Gulden
   New York
   Prepared Mustard
   None Genuine Without Our Label.

Md. $25

Retail - $25

Size - 5 T x 2 1/2 W

circa - 1890

Beautiful Stout pillar with bold text. 

Back reads: SMALL SIZE

  We just love the wide mouth on this bottle, and with it's wide footprint, this little candle can be burned for hours at a time as the wax pool develops. The text is bold and beautiful, and the little "small size" embossed on the back is extra cute!

Md. $25

Retail - $25
Size Md. 4 1/2 tall X 2 wide 
Circa 1920 

   This glorious bottles comes from Europe - a frosted glass beauty featuring Pan and his maidens. Circling this perfume bottle, Pan plays his pipes as the girls dance in flowing dresses. Amongst flowers and birds .. and a little signature butterfly, this scene just waits to be backlit with candle light! 

   **This is one of our few bottles with a flared neck - we suggest that the lip be broken off before lighting this candle for the first time. (you can toss the chips into the wax pool later ; ) The overhanging lip can cause a lot of dripping, and starting with just the thin neck makes for a much cleaner burn ; ) Only burn this candle for about an hour at a time to keep the wax walls in good order ; ) 

Md. $ 27

Retail - $ 27

Size Md - 5 1/8 T x 2 1/4 W

circa - late 1800's

   This antique holy water bottle features a large cross hovering above a bowl and bordered by a fleur design. It has a great flared neck and wide mouth and makes for a beautiful burn. This bottle was used by the traveling priest for home visits to deliver blessings or perform exorcisms. .. 


-- Lg. OWL DRUG CO. -- 
Lg. $27

Retail - $27

Size - 6 1/2 T x 2 1/8 W

circa - 1920

   This is our second largest owl drug co. bottle. The embossed owl stands our beautifully in the wax, and it even has the original cap bordered with text. The shape of this candle is perfect for burning - starting with the cap and neck, it will burn as a narrow taper and then transform into a wide pillar. The owl looks amazing lit up from within. 

Lg. $ 27

Retail - $ 27

Size Lg - 6 T x 2 W 

circa - 1890

   Another stunning and rare French bottle. The straight and narrow features of this bottle facilitate in a perfect burn. With the large embossed text, “PARIS” and, “BOURGEOIS”, this will be a must for the European enthusiast or collector of fine French things. 

Here's the two French bottles together ; ) 

Lg. $30 


("blob top" neck) 

(back logo) 

Retail - $30

Size - 6 1/4 T x 2 1/4 W 

circa - 1880

   This is an amazing piece - and one of our oldest bottles - dating back to 1880. The glass on this bottle is thick and heavy - much like the candle we built from it. The bold embossed text stands out perfectly on the front as well as the interwoven logo on the back, "A, W, S, Co.". The “blob top” neck and lip is classic to it’s time period. This will be a good, long burner, and watching the text glow once the bottle hollows out will animate this piece to a whole new level.

Lg. $ 30 



Retail - $30

Size - 6 3/4 T x 2 3/8 W

Almost as if you get two candles in one... this beautiful bottle has lots of text on both sides.

Front reads  -  JACKSON'S
                    - THIS BOTTLE IS NEVER SOLD 


-- SODA POP -- 
Lg. $ 30 

Retail - $ 30 

Size Lg - 8 1/4 T x 2 1/8 W

circa - 1950 

   Besides the “NOTHERN BOTTLING CO.” text circling the bottom of this bottle, this piece speaks volumes through its iconic features. With rims and ridges, crosshatching and curves, this POP bottle has classic 50’s style. Watching the texture and features melt and transform as the flame works through its shape is a pleasure not to be missed. 


  Star Pop. 
       w/ 64 embossed stars.  

       PRICE =  $ 30   

  Size - 8 1/2" Tall X 2" Wide

   Wes Cola
   Contence 8oz.
   Wes Co. Food Co.
   Cin. O.


   Lion Brew. 
  PRICE =  $ 35  
   Size - 9 1/8" Tall X 2 1/2" Wide

   Lyon & Sons Brew'g Co.
   Registered. Newark, N.J


  Queen City Dairy:

  PRICE =  $ 40  

   Size - 7" Tall X 2 3/4" Wide

   Queen City Dairy Inc.   
   Cumberland, MD.


    It Whips (front and back)

   One Pint. Safe Milk.

-- Imported Olive Oil --
Lg. $30 

Retail - $30 

Size XL. - 7 3/4 T x 2 1/4 W

Circa - late 1800's 

   This is one of our first gourmet bottles, reading "PURE.  IMPORTED.  OLIVE OIL.  ALLEN & LEWIS.  PORTLAND, ORE.  USA" The text on this bottle is very bold, and the bottle neck and shape are iconic of the late 1800's. Perfect to freshen the air in any culinary space or glow softly beside a plate of appetizers ; ) 

(shown with Mini FL Water)
Lg. $ 30

Retail - $30

Size - 8 3/4 T x 2 W

Great Western Style Text Reads:
                    FLORIDA WATER
                    MURRAY & LANDMAN

   This bottle is unlike any other in our collection. It's tall, slender, and elegant. It's a great add to the collection because its height compliments the skyline the same as the rest of our large and extra large pieces, but it costs less than half of the thicker ones.   

   Over 100 years ago handsome men would freshen up with this Florida Water Cologne. Buried underground for a century and now resurrected and transformed into a beautiful beeswax candle!

   This bottle is an AMAZING burn. The bottle neck burns like a perfect taper and the body of the bottle hollows out and burns like a pillar. The bottle neck alone burns for 4 hours. It's a great candle to adorn any dinner party.

Lg. $ 30 

Retail - $ 30 

Size Lg. - 6 3/4 T x 2 1/4 W 

circa - 1890

   We found this bottle tucked away in Europe, and it's by far the best poison bottle we've ever seen. With deep grooved ribs, bold text and a unique and delicate neck and mouth, this bottle offers beauty and danger. 


-- 1 LB. HONEY -- 
Lg. $ 33

Retail - $ 33 

Size Lg. - 6 1/4 T x 2 1/4 W    

   This large square beauty features the text, “4 OUNCES PURE HONEY”, and it has an image of a beehive between two trees with four little stars dancing overhead. What better bottle to pour from beeswax!

Lg. $ 35

Retail - $35 

Size:  5 T x 3 W

circa - 1930

  This is a beautiful large pillar built from a standard pint sized mason jar. The old light-bulb style screw cap dates it back to the depression era and comes out perfect in the wax. The scribed text stands out nicely, and with it's wide shape, it can be burned for long periods at a time.  


-- 5¢ DAIRY PINT -- 
Lg. $ 40 



Retail - $40

Size Lg. - 7 1/8 T x 2 3/4 W

circa - 1940

Bottle reads: Front - In a small chest it reads "Sealed" and below that in large text "STORE 5¢"



  This is a classic dairy bottle with ribs running from the bottle neck all the way to the base. It's smaller than our big, big dairy quart but has the same unique shape. Covered in text, it's a testament to it's 1940's time period. 


-----------------------X-LARGE ----------------------

-- XL. OWL DRUG CO. -- 
XL. $ 45 

Retail - $ 45 

Size XL. - 8 1/4 T x 2 1/2 W 

circa - early 1900's

   Like our Lg. owl drug co. bottle, this XL version has the original brass cap circled with text and featuring the wise old owl upon his mortar and pestle. Over twice the size of the large, this candle makes a big statement, and burns for many more hours. The owls are some of the best to watch burn as the flame cuts behind the image and the little hooter flickers with gentle glow of candle light.

(Lg. & XL. owls) 

-- Maple -- 
XL. $ 47 

Retail - $ 47

Size XL. - 11 7/8 T x 2 1/2 W 

circa - 1890

   This beautiful old maple syrup bottle tops the skyline of our collection at close to a full foot tall. Covered in maple leaves with exquisite detail, this bottle could adorn any holiday feast and burn long past dessert.  

XL. $ 47 

Wholesale - $ 47 

Size XL. - 11 5/8 T x 2 1/2 W 

circa - 1890

   This Lime Juice bottle is almost identical in size to the Maple, but we've never seen a bottle with such bold embossing. Sprouting almost a full 1/4 of an inch from the glass stands leaves, citrus blossoms and limes . . amazing ; )  

(Mini, Md, and XL L. Rose Bottles) 

XL $55

Retail - $55
Size XL -  7 3/4 tall & 3 1/2 wide 

   This beautiful and mysterious bottle reads "Tree of Life" and "Nectar of The Golden Life of Heath and Vitality". Thick and heavy, this XL candle burns for e-v-e-r ; ) You'll delight in the 200 plus burn hours of this golden beauty ; ) 

XL. $ 60 

Retail - $60

Size XL. - 9 T x 3 1/2 W

circa - 1940

   Ding-Dong, it’s the milk man! This is by far our biggest bottle, weighing over two pounds. This will burn for a long, long time, and as with most of our larger candles, this piece will burn and melt away from the center and leave a thin facade of the outer rim as the inside hollows out.

   The embossed text and imagery on this bottle is remarkable. It’s ribbed all the way from the lip down and displays great character on both sides. It’s a perfect table piece because people on both sides of the table will have a great view.


Front Imagery:

  Bordered inside the classic prize-ribbon shape w/ two flowing tails, you’ll see an image of a large textured tree with a little farmhouse under one side and a grazing cow under the other, and right in the bottom center there are two chestnuts still connected to a few leaves.

Backside reads: "ONE QUART - CHESTNUT - FARMS - DAIRY"

Some of the glass text is roughed up from the many trips through the dairy machinery as these bottles were refilled time after time.

XL. $60 

Retail - $ 60 

Size XL. -  10 3/8 T -  3 3/4 W  

Circa - 194o's

   Another amazing Rum bottle! With a unique shape, stylistic lip, and some of the best embossed imagery we've ever seen, this old booze bottle has an edge. As with our other quart sized candles, this one will burn for 100's of hours, and leave behind a great shell of the main body ; ) 

-- New England Rum - 1941 XL. $ 60 -- 

Retail - $ 60 

Size XL. - 8 3/4 T x 4" W  

Circa - 1941

   This is our first historic alcohol bottle. It's a Full Quart, same as our XL Dairy and Coffee Mason. The finely embossed text reads: "FELTON'S. NEW ENGLAND RUM. SINCE 1819." And above that, you'll find a warning reading: "FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS SALE OR REUSE OF THIS BOTTLE." 

Here's our two Rum's together ; ) 

New England Back Reads: "ONE QUART." 

This is a thick, heavy bottle and perfect for long and luxurious burning ; ) 

--OLD JUDGE COFFE Full-Quart Mason--
XL. $60 

Wholesale - $60

Size XL. - 9 T x 3 1/2 W

circa - 1930's 

   This is by far our largest mason. At around three full pounds of wax, this full-quart Coffee Mason towers above the pint and 1/2 pints. The harlequin pattern is very charming, and in a center crest, stands a wise old owl on a branch with the text "OLD JUDGE" (top) "COFFEE" (bottom). This candles makes for hundreds of carefree burning as the flame tunnels through its body and emits the soft sent of honey and nectar and flower pollen ; ) 

   Here's the Mason gang - Quart, Pint, and lil' 1/2 pints ; ) 


**** That's all for now ; ) As treasure hunters, we're always scouting for new bottles to add to our collection, and we'll update this page as they come out !! 


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