{ Simplicity is a Thing .. }

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   Posted this on Facebook the other day, and it seemed to resonate with people, so I figured we'd share it here too : ) 

Waking up this morning in the Winnie, I was thinking about the last apartment that we moved out of (about 7 years ago) .. and how it used to run $1,200 per month .. that's $40 per day.. . a poignant daily burn when you're pulling teeth rather than filling them and eating sickly food or plain grains.

$1,200 per month x 12 = $14,400 per year x 7 = $100,800.00 saved in this little experiment of ours.

We've lived for years illegally parked on the city sidewalks in Long Beach (renovation time) and Venice Beach (boardwalk madness) .. we've lived in the forest, watched over private property .. and right now, we pay an extra $50 per month to park and live in the driveway of our candle studio, the Hive ; )

Do we have that Hundred Thousand Dollars set aside in a pickle jar someplace?

No. We ate a lot of it -  by way of organic food which we couldn't afford in the past + .. more important than making, selling and saving, we never sold that time (life) in the first place.

When you see us off on hikes and camps with the babes or wonder how we carve out time to write, bottle spring water, or build things .. that's it. 

We just chose to adapt and not -need- so much .. the less life you have to trade for comforts and status, the more life that's left for you ... the rightful owner of these moments and memories to begin with.


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