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Hello Friends : ) 
    The time has come !!

Our future dreams of becoming beekeepers is becoming today's reality : ) 

   We just got back from a little road trip, and we've found the Land !! A beautiful desert scape on the river and around much wild forage.

    We've also found a connection on some amazing wild Arizona bees. We're working with a swarm catcher who kindly relocates swarming bees from private property and then sets them up, with their own honey stores and comb, in professional beehives.

    And now we're looking for supporters who will help us get the tools: bees, bee suits, hive boxes, sage smokers, and put wings on the project !!

    We will bee putting a lot of our own funds into this - and not so much spending time but enjoying our time with the bees (been dreaming about it and waking up with a smile on my face) .. but it's the slow season for us, and we're a tiny company .. so we hoped some of our bee-autiful friends would get behind this movement ... and earn some first harvest honey in the meantime !!

      Please .. read on : ) 

What's special about the way we want to keep bees, and how can it help the national community and bees as a whole ?

    *** To sum up what we're working on, we've been looking for a good honey connection, to supply our friends and candle collectors, but unfortunately, we're finding that the vast majority of bee keepers are supplementing their bees with GMO corn syrup in place of their own mineral rich honey : (
*** Most people have no idea that this is industry standard, (even for the hobbyist - who's misled from the start) and this Needs to Change before it's too late..

   And being the kind of people who strive for the kindest and most sustainable process, not to mention that we all know that the bees could use some health and help right now, we don't want to support and distribute honey coming from these conditions .. therefore we will bee making our own!

   On top of that, most bees are being treated with chemical medicines and dragged off to toxic pesticide crops for pollination.

    So, we've been thoroughly motivated to Bee the change that we wish to see. And hopefully through educating and creating a more informed and aware public, we'll open up a new market for "kind" honey and inspire other small beekeepers to do the same ; )  

If you want the full story, you can see our original post here { Sweetness & Sorrow - the Plight of the Honey Bee }  

   Our beginnings will be modest, but we'll start by giving about a half a million bees the life that they deserve. Our bees will live in the clean and sacred desert, feeding on wild flowers and blooming trees.

   We'll never ship them off to pollinate chemical crops.

    They won't be treated with anything but loVe and in the winter, their hard work will be rewarded the way nature intended, with plenty of pure honey to eat in the off season - no white sugar "candy slabs" or buckets of GMO corn syrup for our little bee girls : )

   We'll produce some great capping's wax for candles and some of the healthiest, most buzzing honey on the planet !!

    We'll bee offering our Sweet Honey for sale to our friends and collectors, but the first jars will be headed to our start-up supporters who help us get going : ) We'll send jars off to all contributors of $50 or more, bigger jars going to bigger supporters, but everything helps !!!

   We can't wait to share our experiences and photographs with sustainable beekeeping, and help others get setup in the future !!    

    Please keep in mind that this is a new project, a lot depends on the weather (which has been a little droughty lately ..) so we'll do everything we can to reward our supporters, but our main focus is making sure we leave enough honey for the bees, so supplies might be limited all around - doing rain dance as we speak : )

    If you have an old-fashioned check book, feel free to send us a check - payable to Pollen Arts.

    Pollen Arts
    PO BOX 301
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002

If you are sending a check .. please include your email address so we can confirm your gift/ mailing address before shipping in the future.

   ... or we can do paypal, too : )

   You can use the "send money" button on paypal and send it to

*** Since this is a donation and not a sale, please make sure that you click the "I'm sending money to family or friends" option, (as seen below) and if you're paying through a paypal or bank account, they won't take out any fees ; )

Or just send us an email, and we'll send you a request in whatever amount you're comfortable with : )

Thanks for all the loVe and support!

  loVe !!

  -p&j .. and the honey bees !!


*** We've decided to forgo the KickStarter Campaign on this first round for a few reasons.

   One - we're starting small/ don't need to kick off a big media campaign. And we feel that we're already connected with like-minded people who want to help, so no need to funnel everybody over to a 3rd party site (they have some processing fees and awkward time tables, too)

   Plus - we kind of want to keep this just friends, since we'll be offering raw honey to supporters, and seeing as though this is a crop that depends on the unpredictable elements, we figure our friends, family and followers would be more understanding if we had a slow first season and had to send off smaller samples or wait till later to pull honey and send off thank-you jars ..


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