Candle Giveaway !!!!

**** Winners posted below *** Thanks to everyone who participated. Your answers were all so sweet. We could picture each little detail, and they were just perfect!!

 Winners, in order 1st prize, 2nd, 3rd : )

Gwendolyn Forever


 You can call me Ang.


alOha Lovelies : )

 Well, today is our 4 year (7-7-07) wedding anniversary. Yay : ) And to celebrate we're going to do a giveaway!

  To enter the giveaway, you have to be a follower of ours, and just leave a comment below telling us something that you enjoy seeing, doing, or tasting (one of our friends keeps a list of things he enjoys on his i phone, and "watching cartoon cats eat fish" was one of them .. when I saw that, I smiled ... I like that too, especially when they pull the fish back out and it's just a skeleton ; )  

  Also, if you do a blog post about this giveaway/ the candles or our blog, or a twitter, face book post or whatever, we'll put your name in the hat thrice, so you'll have three chances to win : )

  We'll be sending off three boxes to three very lucky people, the grand prize is the set of five candles below (two of which are not even for sale on our site yet!!)

  Then we'll also be giving away the lovely set of inkwells, and Mason and Milk Weed Cream set.

 We'll pick the winners from the hat 7 days from today, so please stay tuned. 

  Okay - we'll start off with a few things that we enjoy:

   Juwels says me and I say she, but she also says "dew drops on spider webs"

   Dolphin sightings from the sand

   The gloaming hour



   Raw Chocolate

   Sleeping in tents

   Two-dollars bills 

   Guilty laughter

   Street performers


    Young coconuts 

    The smell of a jasmine vine on a cold night


    Lucid Dreaming

    A good cup of Chai

    Twitterpated butterflies

   Prickly pear cactus fruit

   Baby skunks

   ... okay, on to yours : )

  Good luck, and if you post about us anywhere, send us the link to get your extra credits : )

grand prize:

prize 2:

prize 3:



  1. Congratulations you two!
    I enjoy singing, refurbishing busted old furniture, and trying new foods.
    And I love your candles! So creative and fun.

  2. Wow! Put me in the hat! I love traveling, camping, hiking, and Chinese food. :)

  3. i enjoy raising a beautiful little human being and showing her all the wonderful things this world has to offer!

  4. i also enjoy tweeting about giveaways!!/alohaneener

  5. i enjoy taking in the blue shades of the sky at dusk into early evening

    the sound of peepers in the spring

    watching my children discover something for the very first time.

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    Right now I love the smell of fresh strawberries while I sip my morning coffee.

    I'm already following your fab blog.
    I tweeted too...!/SiderealDay

    Thank you for the chance to win some of your gorgeous candles.

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

    I like blowing bubble gum bubbles (with bright pink bubble gum!), making shapes out of clouds and being the first person to start a new tub of butter x

  8. happy anniversare! i love posing for goofy portraits by my kids while we wait for dinner to finish cooking :)

  9. check out my blog post here:

  10. i love making lists of poorly inspired boat names and that soup and cigarette smell of apartment buildings

  11. Climbing into the giant arms of my fig tree and sitting there, eating the cool fruit in the morning for my breakfast as my dog gallops circles underneath like a show pony. (She enjoys the figs too as I toss them down to her.)

  12. anything to spread the word!
    reposted this on facebook here:!/profile.php?id=100000441005835

    i like john keats' poetry
    watercolor paintings
    black skeleton trees sillhouetted against the white sky in winter
    glass jars and other containers
    evenings when the air is cool and its semidark and the sky is on fire

  13. I love making lists, old english names, board games, handmade soap, and singing Maybellene by Chuck Berry.

    Happy Anniversary!

    I posted about you here:

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  15. Happy wedding anniversary!

    Yay! Any of your candles would make an awesome birthday gift (mine is in 3 weeks) . . . I have my fingers crossed.

    I enjoy . . .

    Watching the rain

    A cup of tea on a lovely vintage teacup



    Skeleton keys

    Tasting honey

    Lavender fields

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  16. Walking... walking... walking.
    Seeing people enjoy what they do, you can tell by the way they smile when they are doing whatever it is.
    Snow peas... yum.
    And caterpillars, they are magical.

    And this tumblr-post is for you...

  17. Uh.. of course I will spread the love!! :)

    A few things that I catch myself smiling about:
    little elderly love birds
    the way my pug snores
    anything and everything to do with being outdoors
    Yard Saling
    Thrift Shopping
    Backpacking all over the world
    annnnd most importantly... life itself. :)

    Happy anniversay and thanks for always being such an inspiration. The two of you are such free spirits and I just LOVE it.


    PS. Check it: - this ones for you :)

  18. wind
    my staffy pup's grins
    my nieces
    my other half
    the way the smoke from an incense stick curls
    the smell of woodsmoke
    dark chocolate
    carrot cake
    the sound of the ocean
    fruit toast with jam and cheese (trust me on that one)
    new blog posts!
    warm summer nights and the sounds of frogs and crickets
    my bike

    And in your honour:

  19. I enjoy life, and the fact that I have an amazing husband and two wonderful daughters to spend it with <3

  20. Happy anniversary! I enjoy watching my kids watch "funniest home videos", road trips to new places and loud orchestral music through headphones!

  21. What a fabulous giveaway! I love raw chocolate as well! But hmm…for something different… I love thrifting, making homemade lattes, and cuddling with my kitty cats! :)

  22. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  23. here's a comment that I'm posting for (GwendolynForever) - who I got word from via my gmail account because our blogger account is acting up and not letting her comment : (


    I love...

    wild sage
    dark green leafy salads
    brushing past my lemon verbena or rosemary
    perusing herbals
    clean feet (mine)
    babies that climb trees and laugh at you when you sweetly request while trying to hide your concern that they come down and PLEASE not to tumble down on the way
    peruvian textile crafts
    squeezing in brief studies of tcm
    intermittently dancing and washing dishes
    floor length white cotton curtains in the breeze of an open window
    colour play
    beeswax candles
    my kid's toys scattered all over the floor
    my collections of beach pebbles, crystals, birds nests, and fossilized sand dollars
    my collection of wild rose buds
    my collection of tiny things and miniature abalone shells that random people have given me
    long flowy skirts made from cotton
    bare belly
    the top off the jeep
    dogs cats and chickens that happily co-exist while in the house but revert to their natural predator/prey status once in the front yard
    shades of blue tie dye velour cropped hoodie (the one in my head which hasn't been made yet)
    talented storytellers with love and heart
    chapparal plant communities

    i featured this blog post on one of my blog pages: "journey of a 1000 miles - earth based community"

  24. Happy anniversary! My husband and I share the same anniversary 07/07/01

    A few things I love...

    - seeing someone smile
    - watching my kids pretend and play
    - Studio Ghibli
    - loons at night on a quiet lake
    - pufflings
    - chocolate
    - homeopathy
    - making handmade lovables
    - dew on a spider's web really is magic!
    - salamanders
    - hugs
    - hilarious things my kids teach me, like, "there are monsters who live in the toilet and bite your bum when you pee"
    - bees
    - clover flowers
    - stinging nettle

    I also tweeted about your giveaway!

    Have a lovely day!

  25. Aww, happy anniversary! One thing I really love is seeing a couple so crazy about each other. It's evident you absolutely adore your wife in all your writings, and so cool that you do projects together. Other things:
    - my hubby <3<3 (been married 2 months hehe)
    - our feline babies
    - talking late at night in candlelight
    - Dave Grohl and his music
    - vegan reubens
    - veggie soups
    - funky rings
    - chocolate and decaf coffee!
    - yoga
    - etsy

    Also, I linked your blog on facebook last night while browsing old posts before I even read this one!

    You two are so inspiring! <3

  26. Loved your etsy feature!
    Also adore old British books, rich coffee, and kissing my husband, but not necessarily in that order :0

  27. Happy Anniversary!

    Some things I enjoy include watching waves crash into unsuspecting rocks at Muir beach, running my fingers across the spines of neatly stacked books, and digging into generous plates of cappellini with extra garlicy pomodoro sauce.

  28. i've got my fingers crossed!

    what i absolutely love right now is all the amazing local produce that is finally hitting the market these days. nothing beats fresh summer tomatoes, corn, and peaches ;)

    all the best,
    jess O.

  29. p.s. I also facebooked you guys...

  30. Happy anni.

    I posted about the contest here:

    Now my list

    the sound of my typewriter

    freshly made fruit smoothie

    opening a surprise gift or package

    reading a good book or blog post

    finding a new store to buy goodies

    finally meeting a goal

    waking up and having not to go anywhere

  31. Happy anniversary!

    I enjoy:

    - magic of light Finnish summer nights, when the Sun doesn't really set and it never gets dark

    - watching spiders spin their web

    - walking on bare feet in the summer, and digging your toes on the grass/sand/dirt

    - smell of fresh rosemary, basil and thyme (and many other herbs...)

    - watching the tomatoes grow - and eating them fresh from the bush

    - long walks with loved ones

    - experimenting with home grown things

    - seeing bears climb trees

  32. Congrats on your 4th year of confirmation that you made the right choice. :)

    I enjoy:

    -Making things

    -Getting buzzed and chasing fireflies under a clear starry night sky

    -The way my dog's pointy ears rotate front to back like little satellite dishes

    -Gathering things from beaches, woods, and gardens


    -Sidewalk chalk

    -People gathered around a fire

    -And food, obviously, especially when my husband cooks it for me

  33. Happy Anniversary!

    I enjoy



    Seeing my two babies (my dogs) Happy!

    I Love little bits of springs peaking through the summer days.

    October weather!


    The smell of Beeswax :)

  34. Hi!
    I enjoy reading on the porch early in the morning, summer breezes, winter sunshine, ocean waves, 6 yr olds with missing teeth, theater kids, mushrooms that pop up overnight in my garden, trees with green leaves, teens that talk to adults, and old houses, to name a few.

  35. I enjoy climbing up rocks and hiking to the top of the hill to enjoy the view~!

  36. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful giveaway.

    I love watching my kitty explore the great outdoors on her supervised walks. :)

  37. I LOVE reading the Winnebago Diaries!!! Each post is sweeter than the last. I linked you up to my blog when you first started out and I saw you on an Etsy feature :

    Thank you so much for your writing. It really is wonderful to read about two people living with such enthusiasm and verve and you write with so much love.

  38. Twilight, that gorgeous turquoisey-blue time between day and night with one or two stars peeking through...

    hammocks, and that sleep in the sunlight somewhere between waking and dreaming...

    fireflies/lightnin bugs...should you ever get to witness hundreds upon hundreds twinkling in great big oak tree woods on a warm summer night in the is truly magical and really did take my breath away once...

    Blowing "wishing flowers"...little white dandelions...

    waking up in a field of morning glories (true story)...

    traveling in the world or in my thoughts

    being a bathtub mermaid

    the beautiful magical northern lights

    my daughter's belly laugh when she was three, if I could have trapped it in a shell to hold to my ear whenever i wanted, I would have...

    spiritual wisdom and understanding

    lying in the bottom of my canoe and looking at the clouds...sigh

    being inspired, inspiring someone else...

    looking at, thinking about, and making art

    beautifulness and my ability to see it as I grow more and more...

    love, love, and love.