10,950 days later ...

... and juwels turns 30!

   That's right ; ) I've been gifted another blissful year with my little humming bird, honey bee, momma bear baby ; ) We usually take it easy for birthdays and holidays, but this time we did have a bit of excitement with our first voyage in the SS ... um ... the .. hmm .. we don't seem to have a name for our new sail boat yet (taking suggestions). But yes, we were given a sail boat, out of the great blue yonder. .. Thanks Dad ; ) I guess he bought it from a church where it had been donated, and then, years later after never once using it ((he has a lot of small toys)) he tightened everything down, fiberglassed cracks and seams, replaced some hardware, and brought it up the mountain on my parents last visit. 

   The last boat I sailed was styrofoam and tiny .. and I was tiny, too, pre-teen peter. But I remember loving it. And I don't remember it being too hard ; ) 

    Anyway ... I followed juwels around with the camera for much of the day. 
A SUNday in the life. Enjoy the scrap book below ; ) 

The Winnie - looking sexy in her custom (and temporary) tire covers ; ) 

   I headed into the Hive early (so I could try and sneak a quick pour before juwels woke up and reminded me that it was Her Birthday) but she was up just after I climbed the ladder from bed, and once she had packed a costume bag (yoga, farmer's market, sailing, & nuggle-atire), she snapped these two pictures and then found me in the Hive and took me by the ear, "No... N-O .. working, mister."  

   How could I resist ??  

   She was so cute on her birthday, even though there was no party .. or much out of the ordinary, she was like a little girl in that brief moment before blowing out the candles, looking around the room at all the warm faces in candle light ; ) Since we were alone, she sang to me and the house plants, and birds through the window ; )   

bee - feather necklace by Alkemie
love you guys ; )

Dreamy sneak peek at the Hive ; ) 

We made juice. 

I had to cut up the heart to mix with the mint in the juicer, but the little "U", I had to gobble up ; )

   Motto made by my brother's little spark-plug-of-a wife, Junli .. or JunBug ; ) Juwels - is - awesome, and sweet and talented and beautiful and loving and honest and smart and hardworking and ... very, very shy around excessive compliments, so I'll back off ; - ? 

eco-wrap by JunBug Lee - she's very crafty ; ) my present will be arriving soon, and we'll need a couple good strong backs to help us move it into the Hive ; ) 

Acai smoothy in the sun. 

   We played with the timer and tripod - we also had a remote but it seems that it decided to take the day off right out of the box ; ) Good for him and a day of freedom for all ; ) I know it's not broken, just moody.. 

I liked this - the part of a kiss that no one ever shows, space, movement, anticipation, gravity ; ) 

Then off to the sunny sunday farmer's market!
We got a big bag of sprouts from our local grower in Sedona ; ) 

It's so fun (and satisfying) to see them hand-hedge the flats of sprouts with a sharp knife ; ) 

   This is the radish man "I'm 65 and I play in the dirt everyday. I have 20 year olds come out to help me and they can't keep up." How's that glance he's giving me? I had to explain the whole birthday thing, and how I was documenting a lot of what she did for the day  .. and then he let go of my hair ... and lowered me back to the ground ; ) 

Bounty of the market ; ) 

Maple-vanilla-stwaberry milkshakes .. you want to be sitting down for one of these.  

   We had a mellon that was just a tad too ripe (but not bad) ... so we brought it to 'lily pants' ; )

Juwels knows when to seek a hug on this old sassy sally ; ) 

We checked on the 'starts' in the greenhouse. 

And then took a stroll around the ol' ranch. 

   Juwels isn't used to being the subject, usually spying behind the camera herself, and it took some doing, like, "Hey - can you stand in front of this truck for a second Click Click .. "Oh .. this reflection looks cool. Can you look at this window, real quick."

; ) 

And one last look at lily before we set sail ; ) 

Had to get a ball hitch. 

I'm sure the Winnie will wear this little tail on a trip or two (as soon as I figure out the art of Reverse ; ) 

Later than anticipated, and the wind was very strong. 

Prepare the winch ; ) 

   There's a video clip that starts here. I'll paste it below (if you're reading from your inbox, I don't think the vid will show..) 


Not as easy as it looks .. I found.

On the other side of the lake ; ) 

Raise the mast, pull the sail - we're ready ; ) 

... well, after we Snacked ; ) 

That's a humming bird on the sail ; ) 

We found some wind ; ) 

Juwels ear seeds (from acupuncture) and beautiful handmade bee earrings - sent as a random gift from: ers creative 

Got this 2nd hand life vest that morning - very comfy ; ) 

The speed boats slowly floated way, and at the end of the day, the lake was quiet and the wind was low, and we just floated, lying and reclining in the boat and MmmMmming ; ) 

  I'm looking at the wind in the trees in a different way now .. almost went to a different lake as the candles were cooling today, but decided to stay back and setup this blog instead ; )

   Thanks for all your birthday wishes ; )



   ... here's another blog I did for juwels 28th birthday. Lot's of cute baby pics ; )


  1. Juwels, your little happy squeals are the cutest thing I've ever heard. And I had a VERY cute baby so I'm just saying. You win at all things adorable on your birthday!

  2. I tell her that all the time - favorite sound in the world - and you know she just squealed while reading your comment ; ) thanks !! loVe ; )

  3. You should call your boat "honey bee"