{South Western Cheesy Baked Potato}

   I've just committed a sin - I know that - the reverse euphemism of likening health food to a savory heart clogger. But as I sat below the cherry tree in the yard the other day, and savored this little treat, my nostalgic mind pigeonholed the concoction the way my taste buds reported it. 

   Juwels was the first one to make this - but its simplicity won me over, so I'm passing it along for the busy masses who want fast food - raw, organic, and delicious. 


   + One ripe avocado. 
   + Sunflower Oil (or substitute ..) 
   + Salt (we use the pink salt or Celtic sea salt)     
   + Taco Seasoning 
   & Nutritional Yeast 

   -- Half and pit one avocado. (An easy way to remove the slippery pit is to chop your blade into the crest of the still-attached pit and then gently twist the knife to unlock.) 

   -- Score the flesh in a grid all the way to the shell (but don't pierce the shell because it will be your bowl and contain the oil) ** Opening these channels will help the oil and spices distribute deep into the meat keeping it seasoned right down to the last bite ; ) 

    -- Half fill the yoke hole with your oil. 

   -- Sprinkle with salt (it's fun to see the salt dissolve and seep into the green ; ) 

   -- Then dust with taco seasoning and nutritional yeast (the grittiness of the salt and spices adds a nice texture to the creamy avocado, and the oil feels buttery on your lips and spoon.) 

       That's it ; ) 

     I've been doing another one with soy sauce, sesame oil and yeast .. you can also add sesame seeds, sea weed sprinkles (yuck .. juwels loves it..) and any other particulate asian herbs ; )


lOve, loVe,


   ... still on the "no-chu" fast. Day 20 something - feeling aMazing ; )


  1. Great ideas for the avacados. I'm definately going to give your mixtures a try. I like putting chile powder, a tiny bit of cumin and red pepper or tabasco and grated garlic. Then sprinkle with lime and salt. It's kind of like guac without mashing it up. Thinking of it, it would probably be similar to the one you put taco seasoning on, I've never tried nutritional yeast, but I sure want to get some. I've heard great things about it.

  2. This is fast food at its finest. Brilliant!