winners of the candle giveaway -- everyone wins : )

alOha everyone : )

   So ............... it's time to reveal the WINNERS of our latest candle giveaway !!! In our last blog we asked people to leave a comment telling us a good deed that they had done (or were planning to do) and that comment would act as an entry ticket into our giveaway. We love spreading light into the world (and it's not a totally unselfish act either considering the buzz we get from earning a smile, chuckle, or tears of joy ... we spent 4 months in some pretty poor countries in Asia, and we had to be very careful not to give away all of our honeymoon money, so we'd have bus fare to the airport in Hanoi .. BzzZZzit !!)

  Anyway, we had some very nice comments from caring for kitties to writing letters to nanna, and we said that we were going to pick THREE winners from the bunch to receive one of our beautifuly burning pint size mason jars. There were thirteen people who contributed their good deeds, and we figured that our good deed would be to let EVERYONE WIN : ) That's right - everyone that entered their good deed wins !!

   If you're one of the winners - send us an email @ and we will arrange a gift package to your very door. You'll be asked to confirm your blogger account (just so we know that we're shipping to the right person) and very soon you will have a glowing beacon of beeswax from your friends at Pollen Arts.

  Stay tuned for more to come ... the holidays have got us up late pouring candles and eating raw chocolate by the spoonful, so time for blogging is regrettably slim .. but we'll back as soon as we get through some of these holiday wish lists ; )

  bee good little boys and girls, love, your friends,


Here's the little goodie for your gift bags : )



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  2. Thanks Guys! I'm donating my prize to the Animal Shelter's Silent Auction :) Thanks for a great way to help the animals :)


  3. I received my candle giveaway and the aroma is so pretty! Beeswax rocks!

    Thank you guys. :)

  4. I love my candle! I'm waiting until Christmas day to use it. We are doing a simple gift exchange with the main gift of just spending the day with loved ones. I know this candle will add to the joy of the day. Everytime I walk by it I pick it up and take in its amazing sweet smell. Many thanks to you both, and happy holidays.