Pay it Fwd : ) ** Candle Giveaway **

alOha everyone ...

  Been way too long. Grrrr ... So much is happening (mostly involving our craft) and we've been working on this War-and-Peace-length post about a harrowing trip we recently took that has landed us on a brand new planet, and it's so beautiful here .. and the Winnie loves it !!! (but the post isn't done yet, so for now, we'll keep our locale a secret.) All I can say is that we're at a higher elevation (which doesn't say much seeing as though we set sail from sea level : )

   Aaaaaanyway ... since we don't have time to do a proper post, and since we're making so many beeswax candles these days, we figured a quick giveaway blog was in order. (just to let ya'll know we love ya ; )

   But there's an assignment here, friends: As the title pointed to, we're doing a giveaway, but the way you'll buy a ticket to this raffle is to pay a credit into the Play that we call Life: hold the door for someone as you're walking into the post office, send a sweet letter, blow a kiss, share your umbrella, pickup a hitchhiker (we did, the other day ... she was a 60 year old spiritualist named Suki with heavy luggage and a voice like rain) ... lend change for the meter, spread change for the better, just put a smile on someone's face and you're in !!!

    So there you have it, our little butterflies, today's the day to spread color and warmth and happiness into the world. Let us all throw stones into the lake of good karma and watch the sunset dance across the ripples at the turn of a brighter day. Whatever deed you do, just post a comment about it, and in one week's time, we'll pick THREE winners who will receive a very special present from p&j and pollen Arts. And if you're careful not to overlook the return address, you'll also bee one of the few friends to know where we're parking our house these days : )

   twinkle twinkle little stars, love, love,


  Here's the little Cutie that's up for grabs ... it burns so beautifully and isn't even available on our site yet ; )

   Oh .. and check out who came over to our new candle studio last night. He told us that some jolly ol' fellow dressed in red is coming soon for a whole sleigh full ... boy oh boy .. better get bizzee : ) 



  1. I go out of my way to make my step-mother and anyone else I can manage to infect laugh. Take you two, where ever you may be.


  2. As my good deed, despite the fact that I love your candles, I would like to enter my friend into the give away draw instead of myself. She does so much for me as a friend, I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I also know she would be beside herself if she won one of your candles.


  3. we pass down baby clothes; she's growing like a weed! and nothing says good karma like sharing mini people's apparel... ;)

  4. Genevra beat me to it, but I too would like to enter my friend's name, since I already won a set of your amaaaaaing candles!! My friend is a worthy recipient. Here's an excerpt from a letter she recently wrote me, "I spent my break today snuggled with a pine tree and chatting to a magpie. I gave this certain magpie grief for dumpster diving, he looked terrible, no feathers on his head or neck 3 weeks ago when I first met him. I told him off and told him to go find real food, that most human food is poison. Haha! Well the little bugger listened to me. He caught my attention today and is looking so much better, feathers not quite back but getting there. We relaxed near each other and I approved of his efforts foraging for grubs and insects. I told him how proud I was and how wonderful he now looked. And reminded him to stay away from dirty dumpsters in favour of real food from nature." In addition to saving the world one magpie at a time, she makes herbals goodies for her friends and neighbors and surprises them with her creations, she grows or wildcrafts her own food and medicine, she cans all her own veggies, and makes delicious wholesome meals from scratch for her family every night regardless of what kind of day she's had at work. On top of it all, she's an amazing mother, and one of the nicest, most understanding, and non-judgmental people I know. She is living in Canada but she is from New Zealand, and I know she gets homesick, and I think a gift like this is something that would really keep her in good cheer and help to keep her generous heartfire burning strong.

    My good deed for the week.... hmmmm..... well, I'm no good at planning these things, so I'll just make my promise here and now that when the opportunity presents itself, I'll make good on it!!! :D♥

  5. I helped my friend get a job where I work after he had been laid off a few months. :) feels good to feel like I can help someone in need, even if it may be small.

  6. Does it count to take the best care of my sweet kitties I am humanly capable of? Much love, toys, and treats are always headed their way :) Animals deserve so much more respect than many people give them!

  7. Also helped out a few classmates with their homework today!

  8. I had this incredible dream a few nights back, of this indigo goddess made of light, going around to important people in my life, reaching her hand right inside to their hearts, and helping them see things more clearly. It was almost light I was watching enlightenment.
    My good deed was passing on the messages to three special people in my life who were in the dream. I believe that I helped get them back on the path they need to be on.
    Love reading about your journey, and am looking forward to the next chapter.

  9. I'm going to go write my nana a sweet letter right now. :)

  10. ive made an effort to smile at every person i pass walking on the sidewalk.

    turning around one grumpy face at a time,
    Kaitlyn (

  11. love LOVE these : )Thanks so much for taking part in the ripple effect !!

    ... and Evie you bet taking special care of those kitties counts. All living creatures are worthy of our love and attention. In fact, just the other day we found a beautiful (and very large) moth in our studio. Her wings looked like all the pixie dust had been rubbed off, so we looked after her for the next few days .. maybe it was a week. We gave her a spoon of honey water, and let her hang out in our little money tree.

    She climbed up into the tree and stayed there for a long while. The next day, she was gone, but on the underside of one of the leaves, we found 29 perfectly placed pearly white eggs : )

    We're going to start a little terrarium with the leaf clipping and watch her little ones till they get their wings. What a gift : )


    - p&j

  12. Yesterday night, I walked an old lady to her car and had a nice chat with her. Old people need to be heard, they have knowledge and great stories to tell. It felt good!

  13. Wow, that's amazing! I'd love to watch the babies hatch and grow. (And just to let you know, I've developed a new, greater respect for bees thanks to your blog and candles.)

  14. Oh, I hope I'm not too late!

    I am lucky enough to live blissfully on a small & beautiful island, surrounded by nature and the critters of the air and sea. When I must make my way into the real world of cars and traffic and parking lots, I find so many people have closed themselves up... they don't make eye contact, they look tired and uninspired. I always try to make small connections with these people, to get them to snap out of their daze and realize the moment. It doesn't take much to do it, and I can't help but think it does them (and me!) some good. I also carry bubbles in my car so sometimes, when we are all stuck at a stoplight, I can roll down my window and add a bit of unexpected levity to the situation. I'm sure some people might think I'm a lunatic, but at least they're smiling while they think it :)

  15. I'm looking for bees wax candles! I'd be happy to try these!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  16. I've been donating time to dog shelters :)

  17. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway! I am currently helping out 2 of my friends who lost their homes by letting them live with me in my 1 bedroom apartment. It sure is cosy in here!

  18. Hi there

    Hope I'm not too late! I recently found your candles and think they are fantastic!! The smell of beeswax is divine and the old bottles & jar moulds are simply genius! :)