{ Chapter One - Rough }

Good Morning... Happy .. err .. Monday : ?

   I've been wanting to post some chapters for a while now. .. But I've seen how much better a book can get once it has been through the mad distillation and polishing process of the end edits, so I feel almost bad letting people read drafts, like I'm robbing them from the full flavor of the thing. But oh well, there's something kind of special about being invited to read a draft, too. The beginning chapters of the book are true to life, not philosophical text that needs pondering, just clumsy life, so I think this will do just fine for the time being. 

   It seems appropriate to post this now, just after we've deeply fused our souls, and now our bodies and DNA into our loVe child, little Miss Lily. She's as pretty as a Spring flower, lively as a honey bee, and smells like sweet milk when she yawns ... I always lean in for a sniff when she yawns. So these pages tell the story of the beginning, when Juwels and I were still strangers and when any silly little thing could've knocked us off each others path forever, but it was meant to be, and we were meant to complete each other and save each other from life's cattle run and keep escaping down the side canyons and exploring the hot springs and tribal text on the walls.       

   I've been thinking about releasing this book by the chapter, and just posting our PO Box for anyone to send some loVe in the mail. This could help fund the blocks of time that I still need to complete the story and hopefully entertain a few of you in the meantime. We'll see ... 

   The working title is The Winnebago Diaries, but I'm open to suggestions. The story  takes place over the past ten years, from when Juwels and I met to the present day - this fine Monday morning when Juwels is still sleeping off all the waking moments she sat up in bed to breast feed, and I'm listening to Neil Young's Decade in the candle pouring room, and getting up twice a song to rock Lily in the colorful Guatemalan hammock ... she's almost asleep, and soon she won't fuss when she stops rocking ; ) 
   I've written through all the strange places we lived in the beginning, back in those early days in southern California when I finally moved out of the desert to the coast to be with her, and in the book we'll soon be traveling through Asia and working the street scene in Venice Beach, which leads to the decision to buy the Winnie and set sail. So many great characters and events - can't wait to share them all : ) 

   These are screen shots from the Word file I've been working on for the past six months or so, and if you're on the actual blog page, you should be able to click each one and make them bigger (not sure if this is possible on the email blast). I've got about 24 chapters written, 200 pages, or half the rough book, and I'm eager to share because I feel that anything you create isn't really born until it sees the light of day, and not until it starts to form folds in the minds of readers as they take it all in ... so here's Chapter One. 

   If anybody would like to get on the list for reading by the chapter, send me an email at pollenarts (at) gee male d ot calm : ) I think I'll put them out three at a time. 

-p&j .. & lil Lily 

**** Okay so I've decided that I'm not going to post them on the blog, or charge a set price per chapter .. but I will keep building my email list of people who want to read the book by the chapter, and for anybody who wants to/ can donate anything to the cause and help me set work aside to work on this big dream of mine, I'll post our PO box for white rice and coffee money : ) Whatever works : ) So ... feel free to email me at pollenarts At gee male dot com to get on the list : )




      ... You can read a few more chapters HERE : ) 

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  1. I love it! Your story, your candles - it’s all so wonderful! Continued blessings to you all! I’m gonna buy a candle read a chapter and feel good!