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alOha : )

  The Winnie Diaries is more a life journal page than a DIY renovation or off the grid site, but we do respond to quite a few emails about living in these old dinosaurs, rigging batteries and solar, etc. 

   And being the obsessive sniffer and snooper that I am, I normally find myself on the Craigslist "RV" tab seeing what's shaking. And when I find something that looks good, sometimes I'll post it on our Facebook page with a tag like, "Any Takers ?? !!" or "Jump on this : )"

   Yesterday, we did just that, and I was surprised to find a convo pop up from a cyber friend (and fellow goat momma) in Texas saying, "Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a bus for a long time, and this one looks great !! Would you consider looking it over for me .. and if it's good, buying it ?? !! I can send you the money, and pay you to go out there."

   It was a ways out of town, about 190 miles round trip, but it's a pretty drive, and after she sent us gas and lunch money, we were off to check out the magic school bus !!

   Here's a little video we made to send back to TX. The bus looked great, and come Friday, the adoption process will bee complete !!!

   Now .. I'm still wondering if we should drive it out there to her.

Could be fun : ?

enjoy, loVe,

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