Holiday 2nd's Sale + Raw Honey !!

alOha Friends !!!

   We're about to leave town for a bit - down south to the desert for a family function & to scout out and sample a few Raw Honey options. (We're looking into sourcing and selling Wild Desert Honey (made from strong & resilient trees, scrubs and cactus flowers - not commercial crops -) And from Happy bees who eat their own honey all year long and are never supplemented with GMO corn syrup .. just wait till you taste the difference ; )

    **** Oh !! And we have a Holiday Stellar 2nd's Sale ; ) 

    We've hand picked these 2nds from the group as pieces that we wouldn't mind being given as gifts (we normally shy away from these sales around the holiday because we know that people will be gifting them .. and maybe not saying that they were 2nd's .. wink wink . ha ha ha.)

    Please email us any requests as soon as possible - loVe !!


    Also, you can check out a bunch of our news styles {Here} !!

loVe !!!

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