{ update, between the lines }

I’ve been messing with pictures all day … just trying to upload an album with the slowest, most erratic internet connection of all time.
   I took this as a Test and kept going along with it’s drunken dance of non-function much longer than made sense .. it was a great test of my patience. And considering that I’m typing this in Word because the blogger “new post” button seemes to be amnesiac … well, that means - I win. I’m still riding this glitchy cyber horse, and I’m still smiling.

So I win.    

   Anyway – here we are. Juwels -  hustling around the back rooms here at the Roost because we’re moving. Yes, moving. I know – I know – it’s a great space and we just finally showed it to all of you in our Monster Roost Blog, but such is the life of the gypsy, and if you’re along for the ride with us, you’re along for all of the stops and skips, and all the could-have-beens & should-have-beens ; ) It's a step up ... philosophically, this move - you'll like it ; ) 

   I’m going to post a couple of random pictures below, a sampling of the last few weeks -  or months (who really can tell the difference these days..) .. but .. alas, Iphoto won’t open, so I don’t know what pictures I’m going to use, so I guess we’re both just stuck here in this endless introduction. (welcome ; ) -  make yourselves comfortable. I spend a lot of time in this place. It makes sense to me in its noncommittal jibber-jabbering style.. )

**Note to self: change the music because I think this album is giving you an irregular heart beat.

I’ll be right back …  

   So … we’re moving the studio, the heavy, multi-functional place that we call The Roost. We’ll take pictures, but that story will stay sealed for the time being because we both have a lot of work to do, and it appears to be Spring outside these tall tin walls, and we’re crying at the door of nature, begging to be let out for a scraped knee and a swim in the creek.

 so lately we... 

ate some pie ; )

   Put the Winnie's gas tank back in (don't ask) got some new traveling tires and took the older sis, her boyfriend and nieces on a little trip ; ) 

   It was a very windy day and everyone but the kids got motion sickness as the Winnie swayed back and fourth like a ship at sea .. 


   The lake was beautiful (and windy) and when I took Callie and Hannah down to touch the water, we found a dead fox with a big fluffy tail. It was interesting to see their hesitant yet curious reactions to what that meant.

We had tea ..
sea glass art by - Callie. 
2nd attempt after Hannah swiped her hand through a near-finished first ..  sniffle.

and we (juwels) made cookies ; ) 


   And then we went to a local trampoline on a friend's ranch to see if we could toss those cookies ; )

I don't remember any of my aunts doing back flips for me ... ; ) 

Took a last minuted invite to get dirty at the Chocolate Falls. 


It stopped snowing ... then started again. 

but we kept warm ; ) 

And Sedona was always there for us when we needed her. 

All sunny and warm. 

Friends came and went ; ) 

But they left their marks on the trail ; ) 

And then is snowed, again ... but I think it's done now ?? ; ) 

We found, and helped save, this little trash picker caught in the dumpster. 


Visited some sacred places. 

And found a high-end, perfectly working chop saw in the dumpster ???

Insert work - work - work - here ; ) And then ...  
the periodic escape into this canyon every time the drinking spring water ran out ; ) 

   ... we took a much need hideaway into the canyon for a few moons. Fires, hot springs, & roasted squash and taters on the fire. Buggering bugs and desert flowers ... It was great ! 

 we soaked 

and soaked 

and soaked ; ) 

Juwels made a rock stack sculpture ; ) Could still bee standing on that path to the springs now ..


   .. and on the night of the full moon, while I was nodding off and away to the sound of the river rapids and and crackling fire, juwels planted her very first crop of the season ; )  They're sprouting on the table beside me ; ) 


We poured a huge order which is now floating on a slow boat headed Down Under ; ) 

.. and we enjoyed the nights - because they always belong to us ; )

  That's all (or some) for now - loVe,



  1. you guys are so great. love your positive and joyful spirits :) excited to hear where the new roost will be. xo jess

  2. Thanks Jess ; ) We're working on the new space now - we're calling it the Hive! And it's amazing so far ; )