{ Flora Fort }

Morning ; )

   Here's a little shorty for all of you following our sleeping habits - -- with a few clamps and a couple sheets of canvas, we have a new fort ..  or an additional fort besides our packing table fort .. it's a bit bigger, so we have room for friends who hang around and watch over our dreams, inhale our exhale and supply fresh oxygen in return - can't say that I've ever had a bad or stressful dream in there ; )

   Last night may have been one of the last we'd occasionally sleep here, because Miss Winnie is moving to town - very close to the Roost ; ) We'll snap some pics of the moving process .. fun plans of lying under the Winnie with a heat gun and trying to unfreeze the dump tanks, so we can empty the bathroom tanks before we leave (our new, somewhat boon-dock spot has no hookups for dumping .. but we've got our solar power and spring water, and we'll figure the rest out later ; )

Better-than-silk, Modal sheets - now she neVer wants to get out of bed ; ) 

Buzz-Buzz, Snooze, Snooze,



  1. Hi this is Mandy...Love the forts. I would love to know what type of fabric you're using here to divide off the room for your fort. Love what you've done with the water cooler and your previous tent under the table... Lots of fun :)

    1. Hey Mandy ; ) Thanks !! Glad you like them ; ) The fabric is just plain cotton canvas drop cloths from the hardware store - being in a loft above two other businesses, we wanted to enclose our little Eden up here but didn't want to build solid walls, so the drop cloths worked awesome - in the corner, we just add two more walls around the futon and off to sleep we go ; ) ... . we also build a little canvas room there sometimes - with colored tapestries - when our masseuse friend comes by to work on us - we trade for candles ; )

  2. I would looooove to sleep here. You two make everything look so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Evie ; )

      ... trying not to climb in there now - )