{ I loVe the Fort !! }

Good Morning ; - }

   Last night we broke work early (6pm) and went to the movies with a couple friends (We saw Django .. amazing, btw). And the fun continued back at the Roost - hot cups of rare Chinese tea, mushroom cappuccinos, fruit and cheese and veggies chopped on the bamboo cutting board, and loud stories from holiday travels.

   As the night wore on, I was ready for bed, so I decided to create a little cushy space for myself ; ) We don't sleep at the studio much .. but in the winter, sometimes, when it's 70 degrees up stairs and 7 degrees down in the car (same in the Winnie before we fire up the heater) .. we fold out the futon and call it a night, but last night was special .. we built a fort ; )

   Under our huge packing table, where people are working now as I write this, we strung up some painter's tarps as skirting walls, slid the mattress under, and feathered everything out with our new fluffed rubber pillows (sounds weird, but feels great!), the down comforter, and a few small candles. I think once the fort was built, and I crawled away and out of sight, everyone started getting tired, and before I knew it, juwels was snuggling up and blowing out the candles.  

Here's the secret passageway - morning of ; ) 

   I woke up before juwels (always do, unless she's off on a snowboarding mission or attending an early bird yoga class) and she didn't want to get out of bed (never does .. and especially not when she's in a fort. She just kept saying, "No! I loVe the FORT!! Ten more minutes..) Here's a peek under the curtain, and juwels, in the turtle shell, clamming up. ..  

Oh, hello ; ) 

   Love shooting in bad light on the wrong setting .. sometimes you get these abstract, and somewhat scary, pictures. Juwels has the open/ shut eyes .. almost looks like she's painted open eyes on her lids, so I couldn't tell when she's sleeping. Sounds like something she'd do ; )  

   After forcefully taking the walls down, to much protest, she, did, not, want to pack up the overnight bag and get ready for the new day ... .

She - did - not - want to get up .. ; )

"No. No.. I loVe the FORT!!" 

  I wish I had an audio file of the dialogue during the next ten minutes .. too cute ; ) And now I have to quickly press "publish" on this post before she finds out I'm posting this pic of her in her jams ; ) Have a great day everyone, and don't forget to never grow up ... it's a trap ; ) 



  1. Looks like a great sleeping place... I would have a hard time crawling out.. Enjoy those quite moments.

  2. Thanks Grace !! We love small, intimate places .. in fact, we'll be building a tiny pagoda meditation room in here soon ; ) Can't wait !!