{oh DEER ; )

Hello Boys & Girls : ) 

   Today - we're going on a field trip ! To the grand canyon deer farm ; ) But there's not just deer - there's lamas and bison and peacocks ... wallabies and a very forward, sweet talking camel. Yes indeedie .. he puckered up and tried to lay one on my lady.. and I didn't take too kindly to that. 

   But the deer -are- the main attraction. These dainty deer are spotted and doe eyed and apparently one of the most loving and easily domesticated. Most of them would come up and eat grain right out of your hand, but this little bambi was too new to abandon her Flight reflex and watched from a distance.

   My sister, Amy, the Cop, (that's right - I've got a cop and a school teacher in my family .. my younger brother, Joey, has yet to pick a profession, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Fire Fighter : ) was in town with her two little Goldies - (Hannah, the one on the left with the purple Gotham City tights, fell backwards out of our loft bed ((the Crow's Nest)) the other night in the forest, classic. .. we caught her mid air from across a table scattered with dinner.)

   Juwles: There were just so many mouths to feed, and it seemed to be a slow day at the farm until we showed up, and this little guy made sure I'd remember him in the rotation by gently holding the hem of my shirt in his teeth !! I squealed so much I was afraid I'd scare them all away ; ) It was magic!

The happy deer momma ; ) 

Anymore ??? 

They're mostly females .. hence the soft, hornless heads ; ) 

   I didn't want to tell juwels, but the one closest to the camera was actually stuffed .. and battery powered.  Just kidding ; ) 

Howdy, there, Mam .. my partners and I've been all through out this here desert, and we've worked ourselves up a mighty hunger. Do you recon we could trouble you for a good, honest meal? 

   And here's the son-of-a-gun who laid eyes on my lady, well, as you can see .. juwels did lead him on with that little carrot ci-gar of hers ; )

   More fuzzy lawn ornaments .. you'd think they'd be a little wiry, but no, silky soft. Apparently, they do a big Christmas thing at the farm .. We'll bee there with bells on!

   Callie took to giving the deer little back rubs. After the whole herd had moved along, this momma wouldn't leave until her session was over.

Rain deer ; - . >

Password Señor  ?

Such a flirt ... 

"Hey, uncle peter, the sign says not to feed the lamas, but ..."

"Ah, it's fine. Just keep your hand flat, so they won't bite your fingers off ; )"

This one was a performer - he was doing an impression of a gum ball machine ; )   

   This rain deer had gotten a little senile in his older years and had taken to acting like a dog. The one in the back thought he was a rooster. Hmmm ...

Running Bull. 

No comment .. if you can think of anything clever yet tasteful, feel free to leave a posting below ; ) 
We could make a postcard and split the profits ; ) 

The one in the back seems to be readying itself for a pirouette ; )  

How's that smile ; )-- 

   Hannah (below) went running into this mini barn, and then came back out with a dazed look on her face, saying, "there's a black one in there . .."

This marmoset was cute and tiny .. but his cage smelled, literally, like a fart ; ( >

   COATIMUNDI: unfortunately the metal mesh on this cage was too fine to get a good pic of this squeaky, long nosed, buddy. He was creepy and cute - and nibbled long clovers that we passed through the wire with glee ; )

Wait ! I'm not done with your massage !! 

This guy in the background popped up from the dirt like a carnival puppet in a shooting range. 

I believe his burrow is feathered with colorful peacock down. Must be quite the fluffy & flamboyant ambiance ; )

Job well done ladies .. our cheeks fairly ache from smiling ; ) 


  Your Deer p&j

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day with all types of loving souls. I perfer Llama and goat kisses then camels but you take what you can get. Love the horns on those proud bucks - something we have loads of here and admire how gentle they can be while have weapons attached. Thanks for sharing the day with us.