{Field of Flowers}

alOha : ) 
  I was just sending some pics over to me-mah and thought that I'd upload them here to share a little Summer beauty just outside the Winnie's door ; ) 

  This monsoon season started very dry, and our local beekeeper friend who we get some of our local wax from told us that no rain = no flowers = no food for the bee girls .. but then one night that all changed with a thunderous storm ; ) 

  Wild flowers and waist-high weeds and grass started popping up everywhere (Lily, the pretty horse below) loved the latter. MmmMmmm MMmmmm .. she's a passionate eater of tasty green things ; )

  This is a vacant field next to where we park our bed, and on this fine morning, while we were tromping around the forest snacking on pine nuts and harvesting mushrooms, we decided to try and find a hole in the fence to play amongst the flowers ; - > 

  Juwels jumped the fence with her huge surveillance-style camera in hand, and I trotted ahead with Lily and found a missing spot in the fence. Lily scanned the ground for her favorite snacks, but besides many ominous gopher holes, there were only millions of daisies .. she doesn't like daisies ..

  As I parted the tall crops of flowers like a centaur and watched the clouds move by, Juwels was hollering from across the field about a salvage score, "There's old bottles over here!!" A lot of them were broken, but we were very pleased to see that some of the bottoms had "Flagstaff, AZ" embossed on the bottom !! 

  I got down from the saddle, and told Lily to stay close. We were in the process of digging up an old Dodge fender, when a red Prius pulled up and a couple got out. The guy was shielding his eyes with what I thought was a map, and I heard him say, "How'd you get in there?" 

  I thought they were just driving by and wondering how they could get in and take some pictures, and Juwels walked over to them excitedly saying, "I just hopped the fence!" 

  "Oh," he said, "that's my property." He noticed the horse as she walked out from around a lone pine tree, and probably wondered if she jumped the fence, too. 

  I awkwardly dropped the milk bottle that was in my hand as Juwels explained that it was just so beautiful that she couldn't resist coming in to take some pictures with the horse. 

  Lily's ears went back, probably noticing the weird energy in the air, and I walked over and climbed into the saddle. In the end, the guy said we could stay a bit longer and take a few more pictures .. 

  Juwles is still trying to convince me to follow her out there with a head lamp on and dig around and see if we can't find the mother load of antique glass - I think I might just watch from the fence ; )  

  lOve, loVe, 



  1. Lovely flowers and as usual a very engaging post!

  2. Trying not to feel envy over the amazing flowers - I worry so about the bees here along with all the other wild life who live with me - I carry water each day to the forest for the deer, coyotoes, mountain lion and the birds - way too dry. Will you go back??

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    Cheery wave from

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