First Friday Candle GiveAway ! <-Closed->

*** Winner Update ; ) Jessica Brown - a friend who entered via our Face Book - was the lucky name to bee pulled. Congrats Jessica ; ) And thanks to everyone who played along, we really love hearing from all of you - feel free to still add your three wishes .. great to put that stuff out there if you want it to come true ; ) 

 Can't believe another month has gone by so fast .. but here we are, gifting another awesome collection of candles away to our friends !! How to enter ?? We're asking people to comment with -three wishes- they'd make if Robin Williams jumped out of a magic lamp ; ) No wish is too big or small - have fun ! 

This post will also be on our Face Book Page, so if you follow us there, you can have TWO chances to win : )

Good luck, entry ends Sunday @ midnight.




  1. I think I'll leave 3 different wishes here than I did on FB: 1) I'd wish for all the materials to build our dream (sustainable) home, but not for it to be built because I really want us to build it ourselves 2) I'd wish for the ability to be a master gardener! and 3) for the distance between San Fran and my home in Illinois to shrink whenever I want so I can see my adorable nephew more often.

  2. Wishes 4-6 (1-3 on FB): 4) Naturally occurring flying bubbles. 5) Potato chips magically appearing in my pantry. 6) A good night's sleep.

  3. ... what about naturally occurring flying potato chips ? ? Could bee fun ; )

  4. Wishes:
    1. No more college debt for my family, ever. Our old debt, our future debt, our children's future debt gone!
    2. Thinking burned calories
    3.Apparition/teleportation for me and whomever I bring along :)

  5. Wishes are so much fun!
    1. A trip to space for my husband, because he would like to travel to space not because I want to send him there =)
    2. A self sufficient little farm on the water
    3. I like Abbey's idea of teleportation. Every time we have a long drive somewhere my 8 year old asks me "wouldn't it be nice if we could just teleport".

  6. 1. I wish to always have exact change in my pocket every time I buy something.
    2. I wish I were a wizard.
    3. I wish whatever food I'm craving to always appear in front of me ready to eat.

  7. 1. i wish to have some land of my own
    2. i wish to fly
    3. i wish to heal people


  8. p.s. i follow you on facebook!

  9. to have my mom and dad back the way they were when they could dance again,
    to have a tiny house on wheels,
    for everyone in the world to have what they need

  10. 1. I wish weekends were 3 days long.
    2. I wish my life had a soundtrack.
    3. I wish I could talk to my cats.

  11. For everyone in the world to be kind to each other.
    Be able to travel when ever I want to.
    A nice home by the water, with a nice organic garden.

  12. 1. I wish that people weren't so mean to each other
    2. I wish for success and happiness as my wife and I transition from working for someone to owning our own business over the next few years.
    3. I wish that someday I can dance like no one is watching.

  13. i wish for confidence

    i wish for paints

    i wish for courage

  14. -I wish every time I watched the Titanic I'd get a different ending
    -I wish I could absorb the knowledge of a book just by touching it
    -I wish I could breathe underwater

  15. i love this concept - and I love Robin williams, so it would be fun with him hanging around
    I would wish for: my husband to get his job,the continued health and happiness of my family, the $ for my parents to get the farm they want
    mermont84 at

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  17. Loved Robin Williams as "Genie". Brilliant casting!!

    3 wishes.....

    1 - to have all my student loans paid off (what a relief that would be!!)
    2 - to be able to travel anywhere on earth in the blink of an eye....
    3 - to be able to eat anything I want and not gain weight!!!