First Friday Candle GiveAway !!!!


  We decided last month that we wanted to do a candle GiveAway on the First Friday of every month .. so here we are ladies and gents ; )

   Below you'll find the three prizes - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. This is the 3rd place prize !!

   To enter into the GiveAway - comment on this post, and tell us a PetPeeve of yours : ) Pee on the toilet seat, ppl texting while driving, your neighbor's dog barking like he's practicing for American Idol .. bring it on ; )

   ... also, we'll bee posting this same GiveAway on our Face Book page, so if you want to jump over there, friend us, and comment on any of the giveaway posts there, and you'll have -TWO- chances to win ; ) You can just paste your same PetPeeve there .. or I'm sure we can all find another ; )

  Here's the link to the Face Book page:

Pollen Arts Face Book

-- Third Prize --

A beautiful Root Beer Extract and Milk Weed Cream combo. Here the link to our etsy listing for these two pieces if you want to know more about it ; )  

-- Second Prize -- 

Lime Juice Combo:

Etsy Link ; ) 

-- First Prize -- 

  This is the Altas Mason with the little Milk Weed Cream & Vaseline Jar left and right ; ) Perfect burners !!!

     Here's the Etsy Link (*)

   Good luck - Cutoff for entry is Sunday at Midnight - AZ Mountain Time - We will announce the winner Monday !!!




  1. Yay for another chance to win your wonderful candles! Let's see, a pet peeve...well, as I'm a teacher, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a student returns from being absent for a class or two, approaches me two minutes before class should begin, and says, "I missed our last class. Did we do anything important that day?" Argh! Every day is important!!! :)

  2. These candles are classy. You know what is not classy... popped collars (fratty does not equal classy)

  3. I love everything that you guys do!! Amazing stuff :) My pet peeve is fake laughing. When someone laughs at something you say, but it's so obvious that they don't mean it. Laugh all the time, but make it real!!

  4. My roommate leaves huuuge lake-like puddles all over the bathroom after she showers. Drives me crazy!

  5. when people use far too many words to express a simple concept. (only bugs me in face to face conversation) you guys are crazy generous with these giveaways. thank you!

  6. Missing the train that gets me to work early by a matter of seconds... then finding that the next train, that gets me there exactly on time, is running late.

    Thing that makes my peeves seem trivial? Reading the Winniebago Diaries :)

  7. Wicked nice candle combos!
    Pet Peeve: As beekeepers, the willy-nilly use of Round Up makes us and our honey bees crazy - like can you mulch and pull a weed!! That stuff's gonna do us in... Xp

  8. dude, i beat you to your posting - had to post my comment on blog entry previous to this one. can you tell i'm feeling like totally uppity over it.
    guess i can't make my pet peeve uppity people. up with uppity. anyway, another great pet peeve is people who cannot stop talking. yep, they abhor silence in any form. my co-worker is like that. she talks from the minute i walk in until she leaves and repeats over and over the same sentences like "i am going to get my tires filled with air"."i am leaving now, i am going to get my tires filled with air". see you tomorrow, i'll be stopping to get my tires filled" are YOU annoyed yet?

  9. I hate don't like when you tell people you feel ill and they act as if you have nothing to complain about. It is very disrespectful.

  10. Buying groceries at Whole Foods and finding flies inside the store (during the summer). I talked to the manager once and he said "That's normal". What???

    Your lime juice combo bottles are ethereal. They make me smile.

  11. Oh what a good idea! I plan to enter every month, I love your candles.
    Hmm a pet peeve that is fresh in my mind is people grocery shopping while talking on the phone, It doesn't bother me if they are really good at multi tasking but the ones that talk loud and stand blocking the whole isle, completely oblivious to those around them...ugh.

    Thanks for the chance at some of your gorgeous candles.

  12. not replacing the empty roll of toilet paper...

  13. My pet peeve is people talking on their phones EVERYWHERE, but in particular when they are checking out at a store! How rude!

  14. Here's another peeve - when people click and lock their cars and it beeps, then they do it again - beep. Noise pollution! Oh, and I agree with Kira on the phone addicts!

  15. When my husband pulls off his dirty socks and they turn inside out. I REALLY don't want to handle them that much but they have to be turned right side out to be washed, wouldn't be right not to, you know?

  16. only one pet peeve? lol! one of my big ones is people who park in handicapped spots, jump out, and run into the store. grrr!!

    LOVE your work!

  17. Awesome idea! Love your candles! My pet peeve is people who are inconsiderate of others. We all live in this world together, Please don't act like you are the only person in the world.

  18. Pet peeve: People who complain! (Sometimes I'm guilty of my own pet peeve, I try not to though!)

  19. A huge pet peeve is that every year I have to fight the county to not spray in front of my Organic Farm - I have to stand in the middle of the road and stop these big sprayers and argue with dumb ass mindless men who call me "Little Lady" and not in a good way. I have to do this every month for the last 15 years - Really as if I would change my mind...

    Just know your candles would have a loving home here.. Thank you for your wonderful give a way...

  20. pet peeve: toilet seat left up

  21. Great comments !! And Grace .. Keep up the good fight - we'd bee right out there next to you if we could ; )

  22. when somebody's got a case of the sniffles, and instead of just blowing their nose, they keep sniffing and sniffing and sniffing. DRIVES ME NUTS!!! get a tissue for pete's sake!!

    also, when people leave their outdoor lights on all.night.long.every.night. waste much?! light polluters!

    sorry you asked? ;)

    but i love your candles, and your story. just stumbled across your etsy shop this morning.


  23. my ultimate pet peeve is with myself: i almost always forget how truly soul-sucking it is to complain. in a moment of unthankfulness (incredible!), i open my mouth to give voice to my grievance... only to find that i can't simply stop there. out pours my complaining spirit, and discontentment begets more discontentment. when will i learn? oh, to battle hard for joy!

  24. First your candles and your blog are inspiring....i totally connect with both of your wondering spirits :) My pet peeve is people so caught up in the wheel of life that they forget to actually LIVE IT.....i enjoy watching you guys live yours :)

  25. alOha ; )

    We'll pull the raffle winners today and list them before night falls. We took a much needed camping trip over the weekend, (saw the "super moon" from a cliff's edge near Sedona) and decided not to come home with the rest of the crew on Sunday like planned .. so we're just getting back now ; )

    Fingers crossed ; ) Love,


  26. Just typed up everyone who entered in this month's First Friday GiveAway, and here are the winners !! 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    Congratulations to everyone who contributed their words to the petPeeve raffle .. that was a lot of fun ; )

    Until next time,



    (if your name is below - pls send us your address, so we can pack your gift box and send it off ; )

    1st Prize - Larkspur Funny Farm

    2nd Prize - Stigmaoflot26

    3rd Prize - elisa shields-rapior

  27. ... our email is

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