Given the somewhat infuriating nature of our last post ... over spilled milk, we couldn't just leave that tension in the air without hanging a picture of wonder on the other side of the room.

   Mother Nature plants her seeds in some pretty interesting ways ... some break loose from their stem and float with the breeze, and others are germinated and activated within the song bird who ate them ... but the life of the cordyceps begins in a very bizarre way, one right out of science fiction (in fact we found this clip while researching a new concept that we were interested in possibly writing a book about ...)

      ******* If you can't see the youtube clip below, just click the title of this blog to see everything at the winnebago diaries .. not sure why blogger doesn't display vids via the email showing : (  ***********



  1. Wow! I love David Attenborough! Thanks for sharing that fantastic video. Incredible!

  2. Wow, that was pretty cool. And the images at the end were quite beautiful... and creepy. My head started to itch and I felt creepy crawlers on my. Hahaha!

  3. Good lord that was fantastic!!! I could see something coming out of this mega metaphor and straight into a book with your name all over it. Have you read the Chaos Walking Trilogy. It is for teen readers and this Cordyceps concept MADE me THINK of it.

    THank you again for your wonder-ful life stories.