{ Candy flavored Medicine }

Goji Berry Candylope Juice ; )


I wanted to start off sharing something super quick and easy. Unlike some of my concoctions that consist of a plethora of various ingredients, this delicious treat is simply two things:
Goji's & Cantaloupe ; )

Did you know that Goji Berries are one of the most nutritionally dense fruits on the planet?!

Goji's ...
  • protect the liver
  • help eyesight
  • improve sexual function and fertility
  • boost immune function
  • improve circulation
  • promote longevity
ready, set ... gOji ! 

• Soak 1/4 cup of Goji Berries in 1 cup water for 2 hours
• Juice one Cantaloupe (I juiced a small - medium sized Cantaloupe and got 2 cups)
• add Goji's (including the water) and Cantaloupe juice in blender, and blend until smooth and frothy.

optional: if you don't want seeds getting stuck in your teeth; filter through a tight metal strainer or nut milk bag.

yep ... it's that easy !

p.s. Canteloupe may not be considered a superfood like goji's, but they still are salubrious! Canteloupe is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Beta Carotene and Zeaxanthin (which helps protect the eyes.)
 Zeaxanthin is also found in goji berries, which makes this drink an excellent eye tonic!

also ... if you don't have a juicer, you can substitute with pear juice ; )
and ... if you cannot find goji's at your local health food store, you can purchase them on the world wide web! Mountain Rose Herbs sells them cheaper than most sites ; )



btw ... Peter said, "It's the strangest thing ... the after taste of goji berries, which I normally don't love, turns out to be the exact accent flavor that makes this drink so delicious!"

WARNING: Possible Drug Interactions: Goji berries may interact with anticoagulant drugs (commonly called "blood-thinners"), such as Warfarin (Coumadin).

Here's more detailed info on the wonderful 
and powerful healing properties of Goji's:

Fun fact: A popular Tibetan saying states, “Eating Goji Berry in the morning will make one happy for the entire day” and having a cumulative effect, eventually, one will not be able to stop smiling!

The Goji Berry is the highest rated antioxidant ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Scale) food in the world based on the ORAC Chart of Fruits, Vegetables and Essential Oils. They also have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges or any other comparable fruit.

  • High ORAC food that can raise the antioxidant power of human blood 10 – 25%.
  • The richest and most complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids of all known food with more beta carotene than carrots.
  • Vitamin A
  • B-complex vitamins (for converting food into energy).
  • Vitamin C (500 times more per ounce than found in oranges).
  • Vitamin E (very rarely found in fruits, usually only found in grains, seeds, and nuts.)
  • Zeaxanthin - helps protect the eyes and is an important dietary carotenoid, selectively absorbed into the retinal macula lutea in the eye where it is thought to provide antioxidant and protective UV light-filtering functions. It thus, offers protection of eyes from "Age-related macular degeneration" (ARMD) disease in the elderly.
  • Excellent source of selenium and germanium (used in a number of clinical trials involving cancer patients).
  • 21 trace minerals (including germanium – rarely found in foods).
  • Linoleic-acid (found to lower body fat, support increases in lean body mass, and enhance immune function).
  • In Oriental medicine, the Goji Berry is said to correct “chi deficiencies” such as low energy, insomnia, heart palpitations, and anxiety.
  • Polysaccharides (which fortify the immune system) including a powerful anti-aging agent which stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormones by the pituitary gland.
  • 18 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) including all eight that are essential for life.
  • More protein than whole wheat (13% more), the Goji Berry displays an insulin-like action that is effective in fat decomposition.
  • Beta-sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory agent known to lower cholesterol and used to treat sexual impotence and prostate enlargement).
  • Essential fatty acids (which are required for the body’s production of hormones and for the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system).
  • Cyperone (benefits the heart and blood pressure, alleviates menstrual discomfort, and has been used in the treatment of cervical cancer).
  • Solavetivone (a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound).
  • Physalein (natural compound that is active against all major types of leukemia, with broad-spectrum anti-cancer effect, and is often used as a treatment for hepatitis B).
  • Betaine (helps reduce levels of homocysteine a prime risk factor in heart disease; and protects cellular DNA.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Such great info.....trying the drink today!

    1. awesome !! let us know what you think ; ) Also ... I've been straining mine these last few times to get the seeds out ; ) They're little flat seeds, like mini bell pepper seeds, but they nestle between .... grrr ; )

    2. I made this and yum, yum! The seeds do stick in my teeth a little :). I will make this regularly. It was easy. Also, the goji taste was minimal which is a good thing :). With the remainder, I think I will blend it up with ice to make it smoothie-like. Yay for goji power! :D I have always struggled on how to make them more palatable. This is the answer! Thank you.