Our Candles - on the Michael J Fox Show - Thanksgiving Episode !!!

alOha Friends !!!!

   Well .. we mentioned this on our FaceBook Page -- that our candles might end up on the thanksgiving table of the Michael J Fox show, but we didn't want to do a blog until we really new .. anything can happen back stage ; )

   And as it turned out, we heard the collection migrated to another festooned location on the set. They're kinda hiding in the background, "Hey !! look at us !!! Somebody - quick - lite our wicks !! ; ) Guess nobody can bring themselves to burn our candles .. ha ha ha ; ) But we still think it's cool ; )

Hopefully somebody tee-Voed that thing as we're obliviously in here jamming music and pouring beeswax for the Holiday ; )

   But as our phone is blowing up from friends "Were those your candles I just saw on the Michael J Fox Show ?? !! ??"

   I guess it's happened ; )

   We don't have a TV, so of course we miss all that good stuff, and I was actually squatted in the doorway, cleaning ezzie's muddy hooves with a rag, so she could come in and sit with me by the fire, when juwels goes ..... "OoOooooo .. . I guess that Fox thing just happened!!"

    And then we both went, "Weren't we supposed to do a blog about that - update an etsy listing with "as seen on the Michael J Fox show ???" ha ha ha .. . so I dropped poor ezzie's cold hoof, and dashed in here to throw up a signal flare to the 7.3 million households who watch his show ; )

   Hey guys ; )

That's Us !!

    .... HI mom !! ; )

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    ... and you know where our blog is ; )

 Welcome new friends !!

    Here's a little clip on the Pollen Arts Family ... goats, chickens, and honey bees included !!

 loVe !!!!



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