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Welcome to the winnebago diaries! This is a work in progress, in fact, for the next few days while we juggle our recent stroke of good luck (being featured on the Etsy front page) this blog is just a small selection of pics to wet your pallet and a promise of great things ahead.

As the web address spells out, much of what we’ll be sharing is the present story of Miss Winnie: how we came to find her and the accidental renovations which kept us on the curb in front of our friend’s house in the Long Beach ghetto for way too long. We’ve seen and heard a lot from our little bread box which we’ve parked all over the place. It’s been a ride … a sputter and a backfire of a time, and the next chapter is always a mystery to us both.

We’d love it if you’d subscribe to our blog, and let us know who you are and what you’re passionate about. We’ll be back real soon … hope to find you here when we return : )

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Here's some pictures from the Craig's List ad that I found when I called out to Peter, "Babe - I found it ... I found our Winnie!" 

We had just been searching the Los Angles area and finding nothing, but then for whatever reason I clicked the San Francisco button, and there she was. 

Of course - in the lives of p&j, this was just the beginning of a two month ordeal between the guy who owned the Winnie, us and his kooky mechanic. We almost lost her in the fine details and had to Western Union money on a few occasions just to keep her within reach ...   

The story of traveling out to SF with our pocket full of cash (a whole $1,800) getting the run down of how everything worked (or didn't work in some cases) breaking down two feet from the purchase site and then freezing the night away in the Winnie will be a fun one to share. "Babe ... wake up. Did you hear that? I think somebody's out there!"


As you can see .. she wasn't in that bad of a shape when we found her (or at least from the surface she wasn't). But once we got home and started picking at a little hole of dry rot here, or pulling up a dusty piece of the the original shag carpet there .. before we knew it, we were standing in a completely demolitioned mess, and we had already given up our apartment by then, so our bed was made so to speak : ) 

Okay, I'm off to update my Etsy listings before our interview goes live in .. 4 minutes!! I'll be back to post some more pictures of the picking process. You'll never believe what a mess we made - ha!




  1. I can't wait to hear about your adventures. Will you be telling us about places you have travelled abroad? I really want to hear about that.

    Rebecca, Ireland


  2. I really cant wait to see the construction/ do over photos!!!!

    Im excited to hear all about your adventures and see the photos! Makes me wish I could pick up and move like that... Geez O will live vicariously through you guys.

    Judi ..;o)

  3. so happy to have found your blog. awesome story awesome work

  4. Can't wait to read and see more! I ADORED your interview on Etsy, it sort of made me fall in love :)
    -Stina xo.

  5. I loved your interview on Etsy as well. You guys sure have boiled down what is truly important in life and, even though we don't know each other- I feel proud of you both. (Haha, I'm silly, I know). Can't wait to read more!!

    Best of luck,
    Megan Kissman

  6. I read your featured story! Congratulations!
    You guys are inspiring and refreshing!

    It makes me remember why I make art in the firstplace :)


  7. You should put before and after pics of the inside of your winnie!!!

  8. Can't wait to see this you guys, I'm hoping to do the same thing to a camper within the next couple of years so this is a great kick in the butt for me!

  9. I loved reading your story on Etsy and am so excited to start following your blog! It's pretty inspiring to see people who really know what's important and living a love-filled life. xo

  10. congrats on being a featured seller! i loved reading your story and look forward to following along on your adventures. it's nice when you can put a face to a name and feel like you're getting to know someone, right?

  11. Oh you are living my dream! I hope you don't mind as I stalk, um, follow you and live vicariously through your adventures.

  12. congratulations on your etsy feature! You guys are awesome; congrats on just picking up and going for it. love it! found ya on etsy, and will be following your adventures. :)

    Sarah, Michigan

  13. Can't wait to read more. I loved your interview, especially the "When Did you Know you Were an Artist" section.

    Shameless etsy pulg:

  14. I read your etsy featured seller story congrats! I'm so excited to see more pictures of your home. The pictures on etsy looked gorgeous.

    I'm about to get married, and as an artist and etsian, I have to admit it's so nice to hear a story about a creative couple enjoying life together!

    Genevra Daley on

  15. I'm totally hooked on your story after just a few short paragraphs on Etsy! Can't wait to hear more...

  16. read about you on etsy-i love your story! can't wait for the continuing saga!!! blessed be...joanne

  17. I found you on Etsy too..but your shop before I realized you were on the front page LOL! How wonderful is that!!Congrats!!
    Love the Winnie..wonderful fun to travel about! We had a bus for a bit..little tight for 4 though! Have a house! But still yearn to toodle about!
    Love your beeswax bottles...loooove them! So nice to meet you! Sarah :)

  18. Your Etsy feature and story of the love the two of you share for one another is an inspiration. Congratulations!
    I can't wait to live vicariously through your adventures!

  19. I can't wait to read more and follow you guys! :) What you guys did is so adventurous and brave - a huge leap of faith but only the best adventures can come of that!! I wish you all the best and maybe someday your travels will take you to my part of the world. ;)

  20. love, love your story! best wishes to you from LilianEveDesigns on Etsy.
    Congrats on your spectacular first page!

    love your flair!

  21. Saw your shop on etsy and I love to collect old glass jars, and I can't wait to have some bees wax candles of my own :) I love what you do and all you guys stand for! Can't wait to keep up with your creative adventures :)

  22. Incredibly inspiring! I am thrilled to see what you and your Winnie have to share with us! SO glad I stumbled upon your Etsy feature! The interview was beautifully written and creatively magnetic!

    *cheers from another O.C. honeybee rescuer!


  23. Hi Love your story and life choices! I am a child of the 60's so completely connect to you guys. Now I am retired and living in an apt with a roommate and 2 dream is get my own Winnie or her cousin and live there. So looking forward to reading about the things you did to make it a home. Can't wait!! So get the pen n hand We are drooling for more!

  24. I'm dreaming of an Airstream trailer and a fifth wheel.

    I'm passionate about the Vancouver Canucks and EVERYTHING else.

    Read here:

    And you two are wonderful writers. What is the name of your novel that got banned from high school. I for one want to read it

  25. It has always been a dream to travel in an RV but with a new baby it doesn't seem practical. I will totally live vicariously through you!