Current Winnie Collage

alOha !!

     Here's the finished Winnie pics & our Bio Video : )

enjoy, loVe !!

 *** and you can see the demolition and construction pics ---> {Here}

Welcome to our palatial playhouse! 
The Winnie is a prime example of "it's what's on the inside that counts" ; )



  1. I am going to rennovate my rv this weekend-I want to replace the countertops-I love your counter tops!!-did you just use plywood and stain it, or is it nicer wood?

  2. To tell you the truth ...we found that wood in a Venice Beach alley :) It is 1/2"ply wood, but I remember being rather impressed by the smooth hand of it when we originally grabbed the sheet from behind a dumpster. I think it's furniture grade plywood ...

    Good luck - rub the stain on with a rag and do it in a cool space :)

  3. Your rv is incredible! I had no idea one could look so good, and express its owner's tastes and styles so well. I can't wait to read more about your experiences. =)

  4. Wow, Miss Winnie looks AWESOME on the inside now! Such a major transformation. It must be a lot of fun to live in!



  5. holy cow! this is just stunning.
    so cool.

  6. great- thanks! you guys and this rv http://www.flickr.com/photos/happyjanssens/831093210/in/faves-68392941@N00/
    are my inspiration!
    I think I will be posting pictures too! but my youngest daughter- 6 years old (who I showed your winnie to) said, "But mom, we are not as cool as them".-hah!!!

  7. How lovely! Everywhere you turn there are details that make it a home!Well done!The sink is great and the bee on that candle is just adorable.

  8. Id live in winnie any-day it truly is a home!

  9. Hey Julia and Peter,
    Just wanted to let you know I'm super impressed by all the hard work you guys put into your beautiful home! Very excited to hear more about all your adventures and creations. Much love to both of you guys, I'll have to come fly out and visit you two sometime and check out the place in person. Peter give Juwles a big hug and kiss from me!!

    Love, Renee

  10. I am amazed! I'm currently on the hunt for a camper/RV for full-time living. It's so inspiring to see like-minds. :)

  11. Fantastic! It's so homey...I'm pouring over the pics to catch every detail!

  12. Was there wallpaper on the walls? Just wondered if you removed it/painted over it? We have a Toyhauler 5th wheel that I'm dying to redo - hate those wallpapered walls. Thanks for any info!! Your project turned out beautiful!!

    1. Hey Guys !!

      Not sure why I never got notifications about these comments - but thanks thanks - !!

      And Nancy - I don't think this one had wall paper, but we ripped all of the wall veneers out and replaced ... I think the were stained with oil base, so this made it so we could paint with low VOC ; )

      loVe !!